Today's Daily Dirty Diary


A collaborative of over 30 Berlin and U.S.-based visionaries (including Dirty’s Editor-at-Large, curator Anthony Spinello, & artist Agustina Woodgate) are thrilled to announce Kulturpark — an innovative public art project that will investigate an abandoned amusement park in East Berlin. In June 2012, Kulturpark will explore these recent ruins as a place for creative exchange, site-specific art, urban design, historic memory, social connection, and public imagination. Today, a Kickstarter initiative has been officially launched to support the project. Kulturpark will bring together artists, creatives and communities from Berlin and beyond to experience these shared imaginations for future possibilities for this magical jungle of broken thrill machines.

The team of visionary artists and creatives from Berlin were chosen from an international open call and selected by a Berlin-based and international panel of cultural leaders, architects, and artists. Kulturpark artists are working across creative media including architecture, sculpture, photography, performance, music, food, new media and more. Kulturpark artists will spend three weeks working in the amusement park as an outdoor studio, creating site-specific works that respond to the park’s unique history, overgrown ecologies, and contemporary presence in personal and cultural memory. Many projects will be interactive investigations that use the public opening as an opportunity to create research into a new kultur for public space and creativity in the 21st century.

To donate and learn more about the project, please visit the Kulturpark Kickstarter page, and check out the awesome video (above), too!


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