Today's Daily Dirty Diary


Fans of the animated sitcom, Family Guy are in for a momentous event this fall when the Griffin Family meets The Simpsons for the first time. Fireworks are sure to burst as the families of these culturally revered satirical comedies on FOX find themselves in the same room. Will Peter and Homer butt heads? Will Lois and Marge bond over whiskey shots? Throw Lisa, Meg, Stewie, and Bart into the mix and the potential for ridiculous situations is endless. The Simpsons, America’s longest running sitcom, rose to popularity in 1989 and became known for it’s clever writing. On the same token, Family Guy has also developed a reputation for brilliantly mocking American society. In what has arguably become a painfully politically correct culture, this T.V. event will undoubtedly inject some much needed humor our way.



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