Today's Daily Dirty Diary


As Jeffrey Deitch relinquishes his position as the director of LA’s MOCA, rumors and theories have started flying over the possible straw that broke the camel’s back. Not considered an obvious choice in 2010, Deitch assumed the position amidst whisperings of inexperience. His entrance was swiftly met with the exit of four renown artists on the MOCA board, including Ed Ruscha and Catherine Opie. Proponents believed that Deitch, who owns the Soho based Deitch Galleries, did not have the savoir faire to meet the demands of the position. Building a career in the art world spanning as far back as the 70’s, Deitch became primarily known as a gallery owner, art dealer, and an investment advisor with the majority of his dealing taking place in Europe.

Did this perhaps signify a bold decision by MOCA board members, one that might bring in someone who they believed could usher a new era of financial and commercial gain? Deitch was widely held responsible for the success of the “Art in the Streets” exhibition, which yielded a record number of attendees. However, this only served as a temporary band-aid for plaguing financial issues and internal core infrastructure. Critics have sniped that Deitch’s decision to bring in less expensive independent curators with financial ties to artists only further marred MOCA’s reputation as a non-profit organization. Outsourcing only sparked a further outcry by board members and art patrons. In coming months, the debate will surely continue as to who left whom, what really happened, and which worthy successor should be appointed.



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