Today's Daily Dirty Diary


In our ever increasingly voyeuristic culture, where indiscretions and hidden fetishes are in danger of being exposed daily,  two photographers, Mark Menjivar and Stephanie de Rouge, present two projects which allow us to peek into the private world of citizens across the world. Menjivar’s  “You Are What You Eat” asserts that what you ingest ultimately dictates who you are as an individual. What else could 22 year old frat boys have in the fridge but a couple of  6 packs, condiments, and some left over mixers? De Rouge’s “In Your Fridgeoffers a slightly different spin by presenting a photo of the owners next to their fridges. Obviously, a self-proclaimed anti-hipster living in Brooklyn would gravitate strictly towards liquids: hangover remedies perhaps or possibly preparation for a life changing master cleanse?

It seems after perusing the photos that there is an element of premeditated organization when the owner is revealed: it’s almost as if they had time to manipulate their settings before the photo was taken. Menjivar’s project offers a snarky insight into the owner’s profile.




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