Today's Daily Dirty Diary


This newsflash is as shocking and disturbing as anything seen on the evening news: the imminent threat of the extinction to Gingers all over the world is a harsh reality. Genetic scientists are claiming that this could happen in the next hundred years — quel dommage! While it is debatable who is an actual redhead nowadays, the “real ones” make up approximately 2 percent of the world’s population. Created  by a genetic mutation thousands of years ago in Europe, red heads carried the gene that produced Vitamin D, instrumental in warding off sun damage.  However, due to ongoing climate changes caused my human negligence, the National Geographic asserts that the gene is now considered a liability – increasing the risk of skin cancer.

In celebration of this treasured rarity, Dirty Magazine pays homage to a few of the most notable redheads throughout history, including; one of our founding forefathers, Thomas Jefferson, the controversial Napoleon Bonaparte, the notoriously alleged criminal, Lizzie Borden, arguably the most lauded comedienne of our time, Lucille Ball, legendary director Ron Howard and finally, chameleon actress, Julianna Moore.

Check out this more comprehensive list of famous redheads!



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