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Journalist, Paloma Goñi became the subject of widespread controversy after her recent post on Huff Post Women simply entitled “I Don’t Shave”. In the article, Goñi questions the double standards that society has placed upon women and their duty to constantly shave their entire bodies. In an age when waxing and laser hair removal is considered by some to be a necessity, Goñi thinks the process is utter “torture”. She questions the stringent expectations of a woman’s appearance, while asserting that men are free to do as they please.

In an effort to ease the pain, Goñi went three months without shaving a single hair on her body. As the scorching summer in Málaga approached, she admits that she was plagued with anxiety about how people would react if she dared to expose her hairy arm pits and legs: “I’m not ready to listen to the criticism or endure the stares. I’m not a revolutionary. Yet.”

Goñi chose to be bold, insisting that her boyfriend photograph her in all her hairy glory. In an interview with Huff Post Live , Goñi points out that decades ago, screen sirens like Sophia Loren could have hairy arm pits and still be regarded as sex symbols; however, in 2007, actress, Julia Roberts was ridiculed for attending a film premiere unshaven.

After surveying the evidence, Dirty Magazine agrees that Paloma Goñi indeed has a point.

Legend, Sophia Loren “gives hair.”

Actress, Julia Roberts commits what some call a major faux-pas.

One of the photographs Paloma Goñi’s boyfriend took of her after 3 months of not shaving.

Goñi wonders why a man can get away with being hairy and unkept.

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