Today's Daily Dirty Diary


Ever wonder what WiFi rays actually look like? Artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm for, took it upon himself to make this idea a reality. In collaboration with NASA astrobiologist, M. Browning Vogel, Lamm produced a a series of photographs which depict WiFi rays as visual vibrations of saturated color.

Lamm carefully examined a WiFi coverage map of landmarks in Washington D.C. to understand how WiFi signals travel in waves with different channels. Using Capitol Hill and the National Mall as backdrops, Lamm then exhibited how these rays would appear to the human eye. The result is a range of bold hues — pinks, violets, tangerines, golden yellows, chartreuse, and electric crimsons.

When reflecting off a single object such as a fountain, the rays appear as penetrable circular shapes; however when they are transmitted amongst high traffic areas such as Capitol Hill or the National Mall, the rays take on a different shape — half arcs rising and falling while others appear as almost strand-like intersecting waves. Lamm shows us how these waves travel from routers on more than one signal simultaneously and the visible interference of man-made obstructions.

In a rapidly changing technological age, could an app be approaching that would allow us to visually locate these areas and completely change the way we think of WiFi transmission?



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