Today's Daily Dirty Diary


In “Bodyscapes”, London based photographer Carl Warner expands our idea of landscapes by introducing elements of the human body into his unique visualizations. ¬†Warner uses classical compositional techniques in order to make his audience believe that these are conventional landscapes; however, we soon realize that there is more than meets the eye. Warner uses the basic sensuality of body parts such as the shoulder and clavicle, the curvature of the spine, the beauty of a woman’s arched neck, and the muscular definition of a man’s mid-section to render vivid geographical photographs. Blending these parts together via the art of retouching creates a palpable sense of boundless human interconnectedness.

Valley of the Reclining Woman

The Desert of Sleeping Men

Shin Knee Valley

Cut Throat Valley

Pectoral Dunes

Shoulder Hill Valley

Fingers Cave





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