Today's Daily Dirty Diary


Tired of working in a cramped cubicle with no windows in sight and blinded by atrociously fluorescent lighting? Well, sit back and prepare yourself for some of the most innovative and inventive office spaces across the globe.

Dirty Magazine was awe struck by the modern design concepts implemented by several corporations. All seem to express an intention to create a visually stunning space which not only typifies a specific motto, but serves as a highly productive work environment. Recreation and work go hand in hand as these spaces include basketball courts, slides, and rooftop bars.

The headquarters of alternative clothing Italian clothing company COMVERT in Milan, Italy (seen above) are located in an abandoned cinema which was big enough to house their design offices, warehouse, and a flagship store. The 70,000 square feet of vaulted space also includes of all things, a massive indoor skate bowl that sits suspended in mid air.

Portland, Oregon. The headquarters for Wieden + Kennedy (the company responsible for NIKE’s mega successful “Just Do It” slogan) is housed in a five story building that includes basketball court, a large auditorium area, and is almost entirely open-plan with no solid level or room divides.

Corus Quay in Toronto, Canada. The office of Corus Entertainment comes in at a staggering 500,000 square feet. A design marvel, the space boasts a five-story atrium with a three-story slide, a massive lounge area, TV studios and even a vertical garden!

Palo Alto, California. AOL’s office building is a white canvas with exposed ceilings. The room above is referred to as the “Town Hall”. Intended as a communal space equipped with table tennis and a kitchen, employees are encouraged to take some time to unwind and recharge their intellectual batteries.

Los Angeles, California. Known as the Fantasy Factory, this structure serves as Rob Dyrdek’s set for his hit MTV reality show as well as his personal office. Step inside and you will find an indoor skatepark, a tennis ball cannon, and a basketball court.

London, UK. The 20,000 square foot Red Bull headquarters in London’s Soho area features three-story video wall, slide, bar, café, a roof terrace with stunning views of the West End, and a striking reception desk that evokes the “patterns left by skaters, snowboarders, stunt planes, race cars and bikes.”

Madrid, Spain. The self-designed Selgas Cano truly stands out by aiming to connect staff to a natural environment. The structure is bright and airy with a 2cm thick curved window running the entire length of the structure.

Bangkok, Thailand. The “play and learn” motto by the telecommunication company DTAC,  designed by Australian firm Hassell, is evident in the 62,000 square foot  20-story structure which includes a circular library amphitheater, indoor running track, table tennis tables, indoor football pitch, concert and performance spaces, and a roof terrance that overlook’s Bangkok’s beautiful skyline.

London, UK. Designed by Chris Wilkinson Architects, advertising agency Mother London’s headquarters features a huge 250 ft long concrete table which fits up to 200 people. A stripped back, neutral design throughout the rest of the office helps make the table the central feature, while the 4.2m staircase which leads up to the room typifies the modern concept.

Google in Tel Aviv, Israel – Designed by Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, the 86,000 square foot campus occupies eight floors of the Electra Tower and offers stunning views of the city through its multiple themed rooms, each of which reflect a unique aspect of the local culture. There’s also three restaurants, relaxing “communication landscapes”, and game rooms.


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