Today's Daily Dirty Diary



Censorship reaches new artistic heights as the Dutch government blurs the lines on Google Earth. Use Google Maps to search specific areas in the Netherlands and you will find many areas are undetectable. Pixelated renderings cover specific portions in landscapes that are considered off limits to the public, leaving us to question the purported use of these areas. Many believe that these locations could be fuel depots, army barracks and royal palaces. This comes as no surprise as governments across the world have restricted confidential information from citizens under the veil of national security.

What makes this story interesting is that the Dutch government has made no attempt to dispute these cover ups — the censored versions are the only versions offered. Instead of rudimentary techniques employed by other governments, these censored versions include visually striking multi-colored polygons interspersed in both urban and rural areas.

After examining satellite images on Google Maps, photographer, Mishka Henner decided to compile them into a book entitled Dutch Landscapes. The artistic sensibility of these renderings were of great interest to Henner; however, what struck him even more was how pertinent this issue was in the ongoing debate of censorship in the modern era. Henner’s intention is to bring attention to “the traditional relationship between art and censorship, a relationship which, in our Internet age fraught with new anxieties over privacy and surveillance, seems to grow more complicated…”



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