Today's Daily Dirty Diary


The blue VW Last Kombi Edition will be one of 600 vans produced before the line is discontinued by the end of the year.

It’s official: German automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen, ¬†will stop production of its iconic “hippie bus” on Dec 31 st. Federal safety requirements such as airbags simply cannot be met in the technologically outdated vans. Brazil is the only country that has manufactured the line since 1975.

Technically termed the “Volkswagen Type 2”, or “Transporter”, Volkswagen has produced more than 10 million automobiles since its introduction in Germany in 1950, making it the longest produced automative in history.Following the classic “Beetle”, the Transporter revolutionized the idea of travel: instead of being a method to go from point A to point B, the idea of travel as a communal experience was introduced. In the 1960’s, as the counterculture movement swept across America, the Transporter was the prime choice for a generation who wanted to unite and spread anti-war sentiments. American manufacturers including Ford and Chevrolet, realizing the profit potential, were quick to market their own versions of the mini-bus.

The first generation of the Volkswagen Type 2 came equipped with a split windshield.

The 1964 T1 Panel Van

The Volkswagen Samba Bus

In the 1960’s, hippies took it upon themselves to adorn the exteriors with art work.


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