Today's Daily Dirty Diary


Madonna’s long awaited SecretProjectRevolution project has been released to the public. Screened at several locations around the word, the Steven Klein directed film, is a 17 minute exploration of the subjugation of freedom artistic expression. The film — a series of vignettes narrated by Madonna— includes violent imagery, oppressive situations, and an underlying theme of moral incarceration.

In a revealing interview with Vice Magazine’s Creative Director Eddy Moretti, the icon discloses that while on her last worldwide tour, she witnessed a sweeping sense of facist ideologies which directly threatened civil liberties — the political warfare between Israel and Iran, Russia’s anti-gay policies, the imprisonment of former Premier Yulia Tymoshenko, and the shooting of women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai to name a few. She asserts that even in America, a palpable complacency and blind attachment towards corporate branding shocked her.

Pundits will says she is doing this primarily for shock value. They will point to her age and question her relevance. Dirty Magazine begs to differ: for a woman who self admittedly reveled in much self-indulgence throughout her career, Madonna delivers (in true Madonna fashion) a chic and visually stunning piece which haunts and inspires with it’s candor.

The film’s release coincides with Art For Freedom, a global initiative designed to fuel free speech.


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