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Joe Hamilton, “Hyper Geography”, 2011. Video.

In our rapidly advancing technological age, renown auction house, Phillips recently set a precedent by partnering with Tumblr for its first auction of digital art which sold YouTube videos and video game screenshots online. The exhibition, entitled Paddles ON!, highlighted artists who epitomized the expanding relevance of digital art. This merger signified a legitimate attempt to create an awareness for digital artists as well as emphasized their relevance in the sometimes, traditionalist art world. 80% of proceeds went to the artists and 20% went to Rhizome, a NYC based non-profits organization that supports digital art.

The exhibition’s curator, Lindsay Howard, wanted to  include pieces which would stand the test of time. Howard stressed, “I looked for artists who are pioneers in developing the visual language for digital art, as well as those who are creating monetization and preservation models that are reflective of their creative process. As technology takes a more central role in our lives, the artists who possess not only aesthetic skills but also technical intuitiveness and mastery will become increasingly desirable.”

Howard cites recent exhibitions at the  Moma and the Cooper-Hewitt as harbingers for the movement towards embracing the digital age. Last year, the Moma’s Applied Design exhibition, “14 video games” was installed at the museum’s Philip Johnson Galleries. Designed to show that video games are indeed art as well as examples of interaction design, the exhibition included works that displayed a combination of cultural relevance as well as a functional soundness. The Cooper-Hewitt Museum was the first museum to acquire the software and source code, Planetary, as a living object. Both museums have started to pave the way in terms of collecting and preserving digital technology in a modern way.

The auction included 20 original works which typified the relevance of digital technology as well as their socio-political consequences.

Molly Soda, “Inbox Full”, 2013. Webcam video.

Rafael Rozendaal, “”, 2013. Website, Javascript, and HTML.

Addie Wagenknecht, “ASYMETRIC LOVE NUMBER 2”, 2013. Single produced sculpture (steel, CCTV cameras and DSL internet cables)

Petra Cortright, “RGB, D-LAY”, 2011. Webcam video file.

Casey Reas, “Americans!”, 2013. Generative animation, custom software, computer.

Clement Valla, “Postcards from Google Earth”, 2010 (ongoing) Screenshots from Google Earth, inkjet on paper.

Nicolas Sassoon, “Waterfall 6”, 2013. Animated GIF.

Petra Cortright, “r_sept.psd # 1”, 2013. Digital print on aluminum.

Mark Tribe, “Black Creek”, 2012. Archival pigment print.

Brenna Murphy, “glyphgraft~cavrncode”, 2012. Archival pigment print.


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