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“How can I show this off in a new way?”— That seems to encapsulate Nicola Formichetti’s vision as he aims to reignite Diesel, the Italian denim brand that has become all too “Euro” as of late. Formichetti, the former artistic director of MUGLER, has orchestrated an inventive, multi-sensory campaign to kick off the official overhaul. In collaboration with photographer, Nick Knight, the duo present a “Tribute” line that will be followed by a full runway collection in Spring 2014. In a move that could anger some and be considered a stroke of genius by others, the campaign was shot entirely on an iPhone. Formichetti referenced old archives, coming up with a way to reinvent the visual aesthetic while paying homage to the “classic” Diesel.  Knight used the Megaphoto and Glitch apps to edit the photos.

Formichetti asserts that the  move signals “a real shift in creating advertisement” with an intention on showing that “anyone can do this”. The plan is to  create new modes of accessibility by infiltrating the internet with photos, GIF’s, and videos. Formichetti, no doubt, realizes the importance of tapping into a digital age governed by a generation obsessed with being directly involved with the artistic process. Inspired by selfies for the campaign, Formichetti went to the streets in search of  “creative types” and “geeks” who exuded a defiant sense of individuality.


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