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Already underway, Performa 13 makes its biennial appearance, casting an unprecedented celebration of performance art throughout New York City until November 24th. Over one hundred performances will take place in over 40 venues and fifty arts institutions. Spectators will be able to experience an illustrious crop of artists — some ingénues, some firmly established art world figures — in a plethora of creative disciplines.

This year, the festival uses the veil of surrealism as a way to expose visual art performances that engage, enrapture, and encourage us to see the world from a different perspective. There will be a focus on the use of the voice as an instrument as well as a unifying component between the human body and movement. Also, artists will examine the role of citizenship in the hopes of discovering new ways to coexist. Unlike other festivals, Performa exudes an accessibility which appeals to a broad range of audiences. Dirty Magazine presents a diversified guide to 10 performances you should check out:


McNamara, a Brooklyn-based performance artist, whose work is usually situation-specific presents an immersive performance experience that combines dance and explorations of the Internet culture.

Tori Wrånes, “Yes, Nix,” November 22, 23

This Oslo based artist examines the use of the voice and sculpture. The singer will be accompanied with New York City musicians in what will surely be an unforgettable performance.

Molly Lowe, “HANDS OFF” NOVEMBER 22, 23

Lowe, an interdisciplinary artist tackles the motif of surrealism as she imagines a world where humans have transformed into a tangle of fingers.

Bedwyr Williams, “A Break In”, November 10

Williams has a reputation for merging life and art into a charmingly sympathetic and relational experience for his audience. The setting for this performance is a break in at the home of a private collector.

ThreeASFOUR, “Fest,” Sunday, November 10

The three avant-garde fashion designers known collectively as ThreeASFOUR will contribute a highly anticipated event that combines fashion elements with ancient food rituals.

Ed Atkins,”Man of Steel”, November 21

An artist primarily known for his high-definition videos that defy narrative conventions, Atkins presents a night of films aimed at examining the role of avatars in video art.

Joan Jonas, “Reanimation,” November 15, 16

Joan Jonas, a trailblazing video and performance artist whose career spans over forty years, opening the door for contemporary female artists, will collaborate with pianist, Jason Moran for a multi-media installation inspired by the novel Under the Glacier.

Conrad Ventur, “Tribute to Mario Montez”, November 10.

New York based artist, Ventur is known for activating moving image archives. He does this by sourcing material online or surveying underground film archives and repositioning them in exhibition formats. For Performa, Ventur pays homage to Boricua drag performer Maria Montez.

Julie Tolentino, “The Sky Remains the Same”: The Archive of Lovett/Codagnone’s “WEIGHTED” (2010), November 23

Tolentino explores the body as a medium and a container of record. “The Sky Remains the Same” is a work which invites collaborators to choose a work from their own repertoire and archive it onto Tolentino’s body. Collaborators include David Dorfman, Ron Athey, and Franko B.

Senga Nengudi, “Tameka Norris and Senga Nengudi, Two performances: Untitled, 2012 and RSVP, 1976 and 1976-77, November 14

Norris, known for exploring the invisibility of blackness in cultural forms built upon the appropriation of black cultural expression and Nengudi, a core member of the African-American avant-garde, come together for a special performance. Norris creates a live painting and dancers activate a new Nengudi sculpture in a pair of performances.


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