Today's Daily Dirty Diary


Photographer Colin O’Brien has made a career of photographing children playing on the streets of London. When he was only eight years old, he began photographing his friends in the markets of Hatton Garden and the bombsites of Clerkenwell which served as a playground. Capturing the vibrancy of street culture in 1948, O’Brien evokes a time where children used their imagination to invent alternate realities. There is a raw candor and sense of freedom in their explorations that has unfortunately disappeared over time.

In 1987, O’Brien released a series entitled “Traveller’s Children in London Fields.” O’Brien wanted to show the youth on streets of East London in 1987. These children exhibit a remarkable sense of confidence, style, and beauty. The photos also capture East London before the wave of gentrification transformed its landscape — raw, desolate, covered with graffiti.




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