Today's Daily Dirty Diary


The Queens Museum has officially opened its doors after a much anticipated renovation. Led by Grimshaw Architects, the $68 million transformation took more than seven years to complete. The “new museum” has doubled in size and features a striking 48 foot tall atrium entrance led by a canopy of glass panels programmed with LED lighting. The expansion includes studio space for artist residencies, a 5,000 -square-foot public library, new exhibition space, and six new galleries. In one of the new galleries, visitors will be able to experience a 9,335-square-foot panorama of New York City commissioned by Robert Moses — the world’s largest scale architectural model.

While the architectural overhaul speaks for itself, the museum has also broadened its mission statement. Having decided to waive the “of Art” from its name, the intention is to create a factory of sorts that is as much about fostering the career of new artists and art education as well as holding groundbreaking exhibitions by established artists. The board of directors hopes that by serving as a communal center, the public will experience the cross section of academia and a multi-sensory interactive journey. The gamble is considerable — having inflated the operating budget by at least $1 million dollars, the the main concern is if this ambitious undertaking will continue to translate buzz into ticket sales.

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