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We can only hope that the film lives up to the dramatic crescendo of the trailer for “Yves Saint Laurent“, the new biopic chronicling the career of one of the most lauded designers of his time. Directed by Jalil Lespert, the film follows Saint Laurent’s early appointment as head designer of Dior, the critics ruthless deluge of skepticism, his relationship with lover Pierre Bergé, and his undeniable genius. From what we can see, actor Pierre Niney, who bares an uncanny resemblance to Saint Laurent, delivers a sound performance, capturing both the extravagance as well as the crippling insecurities which plagued the designer throughout his life.

A notoriously private designer, fans were previously allowed a glimpse into his creative process in the documentary, “Yves Saint Laurent: 5, Avenue Marceau, 75116.” Even his most devoted admirers could not deny that the artist had reached an uncertain period in his later life — some even calling him a shadow of his early self. After his death, the documentary, “L’Amour Fou” centered around the 2009 auction of the prized possessions that he and his life partner, Pierre Bergé amassed throughout their relationship. While both documentaries alluded to his overall career, “Yves Saint Laurent” could be the first film to provide insight into the early stages of his career.

With his Trapeze Collection at Christian Dior, Saint Laurent achieved world wide fame.

His 1965 Mondrian collection payed homage to Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian.

In 1966, Saint Laurent created menswear for women with “le smoking”.

Saint Laurent was photographed nude for the 1971 ads for his first perfume for men, Pour Homme.

Saint Laurent is credited with breaking racial barriers with his use of African-American models.

Pictured with muses Laetitia Casta and Catherine Deneuve at his final retrospective show at Centre Georges Pompidou in 2002.


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