UP ON THE MET’S ROOF THIS MONTH, THERE’S A SHITLOAD OF BAMBOO— and three new cocktails to sip. The trio of tipples is a boozy tribute to ‘Big Bambú: You Can’t, You Don’t, and You Won’t Stop’, the installation by identical twins and art stars Doug and Mike Starn. The $12 drinks include a pale pink ‘Metropolitan Martini’; ‘Big Bambú’, a vodka and Oolong tea drink; and ‘On the Roof’, a Cachaça and coconut water concoction—all created by Thierry Pradines, the Met’s wine and spirits director, and inspired by the mad bamboo structure (in situ at the top of the museum until October 31) that stretches 30-feet high and 100-feet long.
TEXT Kirsten Matthew






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