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MCQUEEN EXHIBIT “SAVAGE BEAUTY” JOINS THE RANKS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI’S “MONA LISA,” PABLO PICASSO, AND KING TUT’S TREASURES ON THE MET’S TOP TEN MOST-VISITED LIST. reported on the closing of the Alexander McQueen exhibit this week, and did a little statistical research to illustrate just how major a success the show (and ultimately, the artist) was. Here are a few numbers to think about:

* 661,509: The total number of visitors who saw “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” from May 4 to August 7.

* 2,000,000: The number of square feet that make up the Met, allowing for the long lines to wind throughout the museum.

* 100,000: The number of copies sold of the exhibition’s catalogue, “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” by Andrew Bolton.

* 80,000: The number of visitors who attended the show during its final week.

* 31,000: The number of people who didn’t mind standing in line for up to six hours through 90-degree temperatures and thunderstorms during the exhibition’s final week.


Check out the entire list at ARTINFO.COM

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